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Big House

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Big House
   is a gangster term for   
Michigan Stadium
   is nicknamed   
The Big House
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny
Also featuring Yosemite Sam
Big House Bunny (1950)
Yosemite Sam
Also featuring Bugs Bunny
The Big House (1930)
Chester Morris, Wallace Beery and Lewis Stone
Director: George W. Hill. Also starred Robert Montgomery, Leila Hyams & George F. Marion. Plot: A convict falls in love with his new cellmate's sister, only to become embroiled in a planned break-out which is certain to have lethal consequences.
Big House
   is hobo slang for   
The State Penitentiary
Mutiny in the Big House (1939)
Charles Bickford, Barton MacLane and Pat Moriarity
Director: William Nigh. Also starred Dennis Moore, William Royle & Charley Foy. Plot: A young man forges a check in order to help his mother, but is caught and sentenced to 14 years in prison...
Big House

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