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Big D

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Big D
Big D
   is a nickname for   
Dallas, TX
The Big Day Out
   is held in   
New Zealand
Also in Australia. Originated in Sydney. Held in Auckland.
Porky Pig
"B-b-b-b-big Deal."
Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons
Canis Major
   constellation represents   
The Big Dog
Big Dig/Central Artery Tunnel
   is located in   
The U.S.A.
5.6 km Boston, MA
Groysse Metzuh
Big Deal
Thinks better of themself then they really are
Ratmanova (Big Diomede)
   belongs to   
11 sq. mi.
The Big Day Out
   is held in   
First started in 1992 in Sydney, it was so successful that promoters took it around the country to play in all major Cities. It is a celebration of all genres of music, and is held annually.
Blondie's Big Deal (1949)
Penny Singleton, Marjorie Ann Mutchie and Jerome Cowan
Director: Edward Bernds. Also starred Arthur Lake, Larry Simms & Collette Lyons
Dennis Joseph Brouthers (1879-96)
   had the nickname   
"Big Dan"
Big Daddy (1999)
   has the tagline   
Nature Called. Look Who Answered.
Big Deal
No Great Matter
The Plough and Drinking Gourd Are Other Names for the Constellation Known As the Big Dipper
Constellation Ursa Major (The Big Bear)
   is the elvish word for   
Big Dipper
Big Daddy (1999)
   has the tagline   
Once You Adopt a Kid, You've Got to Keep Him.
Tennessee Williams
   created the character   
Big Daddy Pollitt
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; drama, 1955
Donald Scott Drysdale (1956-69)
   had the nickname   
“Big D”
A Big Dopey Cat That Likes to Hug & Squeeze & Pet & Hold
Big Daddy
   is the stage name of   
Shirley Crabtree
A Single Man
Big Dipper
Bob Fosse
Big Deal

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