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   is a spin-off from   
Benson DuBois
   is the butler in   
Played by Robert Guillaume in the TV series (1979-86).
Bill Benson
   was played by Bing in   
Anything Goes (1956)
Jodi Benson
   is the voice of   
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson and Richard White
Directors: Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise
   final episode was called   
And the Winner Is...
On Broadway
   was covered by   
George Benson
1978. Originally recorded by the Drifters (1963)
A Home of Your Own (1964)
Bridget Armstrong, Ronnie Barker and George Benson
Director: Jay Lewis. Also starred Richard Briers, Janet Brown & Peter Butterworth
Shooting Stars (1927)
Brian Aherne, Annette Benson and Chili Bouchier
Director: Anthony Asquith & A. V. Bramble. Also starred David Brooks, Donald Calthrop & Ella Daincourt. Plot: The husband and wife acting team of Mae Feather (Benson) and Julian Gordon (Aherne) is torn apart when he discovers she is having an affair with the screen comedian Andy Wilks.
Man from Tangier (1957)
Robert Hutton, Lisa Gastoni and Martin Benson
Director: Lance Comfort. Also starred Derek Sydney, Jack Allen & Emerton Court. Plot: International crook Armstrong (Court) flees post-war Tangier with priceless forgery plates. International crook Voss (Benson) sends pretty Michele (Gastoni) after him...
The Strange World of Planet X (1958)
Forrest Tucker, Gaby André and Martin Benson
Director: Gilbert Gunn. Also starred Alec Mango, Wyndham Goldie & Hugh Latimer. Plot: At a small, rural British lab, monomaniac Dr. Laird (Mango) and his staff create ultra-intense magnetic fields...
Mount Benson
   is located in   
South Australia
Mick Jagger
   was considered for the role of   
Freddy Benson in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
Steve Martin got the part
Edward White Benson
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1883 - 1896
Translated from Truro; died in office
Peter Benson
   won the award for the book   
The Other Occupant
Jory (1973)
John Marley, B. J. Thomas and Robby Benson
Director: Jorge Fons. Also starred Claudio Brook, Patricia Aspillaga & Brad Dexter
Beauty And The Beast (1991)
   had the voice actors   
Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson & David Ogden Stiers
(Disney) The first (and currenty, only) animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar ('Silence of the Lambs' won it). Won 2 Oscars and 3 Baftas including Best Motion Picture. First animated film to be released in Imax format.
Freddy Benson
   is played by Marlon Brando in   
Bedtime Story (1963)
Richard Benson
   is played by William Holden in   
Paris When It Sizzles (1964)
The U.S.A.
   had the general   
William Shepherd Benson
Chief of Naval Operations
One on One (1977)
Robby Benson, Annette O'Toole and G. D. Spradlin
Director: Lamont Johnson. Also starred Gail Strickland, Melanie Griffith & James G. Richardson. Plot: Henry Steele (Benson) is a basketball phenom at his small town high school, but when he matriculates to a big city university on a scholarship...
The Little Mermaid (1989)
   had the voice actors   
Jodi Benson, Jason Marin & Pat Carroll
(Disney) Won 2 Oscars. The first animated film to win an Academy Award in a competitive category. This was the first Disney feature available on DVD. This was the last Disney animated feature to use hand-painted cels and analog camera and film work. The wedding scene at the close of the film marked one of the first use of CAPS (Computer Animation Production System) in a Disney feature. CAPS is a digital ink-and-paint and animation production system that colours the animators' drawings digitally.
Alarming Trends (1987)
Michael Benson, Ronnie Cramer and Lane Kharmon
Director: Ronnie Cramer. Also starred Lon Malish, Bethany Shaffer & E. Shepard Steveson. Plot: Two attractive female roommates battle over food while aliens (disguised as sandwiches) invade the Earth and man-eating trout fill the skies.

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