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   is the chemical symbol for   
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B
   featured in the film   
Buck Privates (1941)
   is the international car registration for   
   in Scrabble is worth   
3 Points
B or 2
   in Braille is   

Eric B and Rakim
   released the album   
Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (1990)
B & B
   is American Diner Lingo for   
Bread and Butter
   decimal has the hexadecimal equivalent   
Schubert Symphony #8 in B Minor
   has the nickname   
The Unfinished Symphony
Written in 1822 but not perfomed until 1865, decades after the composer's death
Chopin Piano Sonata #2 in B Flat Minor
   has the nickname   
The Funeral March
The B Flat minor section of the third movement was used at J. F. Kennedy's state funeral
Ida B Wells-Barnett
   was the first African-American   
Journalist and Civil Rights Activist That Crusaded Against Lynching
The Beach Boys
   released the single   
Sloop John B
1966; peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Times"
Bob Sinclar / Cutee B / Dollarman
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
Sound Of Freedom
Museum of Natural History, 81st Street
   is on the   
B & C Lines
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
   is on the   
B & Q Lines
Avenue B
   was released by   
Iggy Pop
B & B
And Benedictine
B & B
And Brandy
Slope-intercept Form of a Line
   has the mathematical formula   
Y = Mx + B
Where m=slope and b= the y-intercept of the line
Commutative Property of Multiplication
   has the mathematical formula   
A X B X C = a X C X B
Think of “commuters” as the terms are actually moving about
Intransitive Dice
   states that   
You Can Have Three Dice, Called A, B, and C, Such That A is Likely to Win in a Roll Against B, B is Likely to Win in a Roll Against C, and C is Likely to Win in a Roll Against A
Zeno's Paradoxes
   states that   
You Will Never Reach Point B from Point A As You Must Always Get Half-way There, and Half of the Half, and Half of That Half, and So On...
Si, Ge, As, Sb, B
   are all   
The B Team
   featured the character   
Rosso Crowe
Played by Tim Ross
The B Team
   featured the character   
Tonia Beardface
Played by Tim Ross
"Devil's Grip"(pleurodynia)
   is caused by infection with   
Coxsackie B
Hepatitis B
   is caused by infection with   
Hepatitis B Virus
___- Line
   contains the word   
Opus 60
Symphony No. 4 in B Flat Minor
Opus 97
Piano Trio in B Flat Major "Archduke"
For Archduke Rudolph of Austria
B Town
Sue Grafton
B is for Burglar
1985. Anthony Award for Best Novel
   is a symbol for   
Mutya Buena and Amy Winehouse
B Boy Baby
"Brahms: Trio No. 1 in B Major"
   was released by   
Jascha Heifetz, Emanuel Feuermann, Arthur Rubinstein
1942 - inducted in 1999
"Dvořák: Concerto in B Minor for Cello and Orchestra"
   was released by   
Pablo Casals & the Czech Philharmonic
1938 - inducted in 1998
Bumble Bee Slim
   performed the blues song   
B & O Blues (1932)
B Reactor Museum
   is situated in   
Richland, U.S.A.
World's 1st industrial scale atomic reactor
B (Bulb) Setting
   is described as   
A Shutter-speed Setting That Allows for Time Exposures
On an adjustable camera
John Eliot Gardiner
Bach: Mass in B Minor
English Baroque Soloists; Archiv, 1990
English Baroque Soloists
J.S. Bach-Mass in B Minor
John Eliot Gardiner; Archiv, 1985
John Eliot Gardiner
J.S. Bach-Mass in B Minor
English Baroque Soloists; Archiv, 1985
Tiger Ausf B
   was from   
J.S. Bach
Mass in B Minor
Beef or Mutton
Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Mellowship Slinky in B Major
Scott Burnett
   had the nickname   
Scotty B
Stevie B
   has the nickname   
King of Freestyle
American singer / songwriter, he was influential in the Latin freestyle and Hi-Nrg dance music scene of the late 1980's, mostly in Miami.
   has the nickname   
King of R & B
American singer / songwriter.

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