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The Shadows
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
August 20 1960 for 6 weeks
   was chief of the   
   was chief of the   
   was played by Newman in   
Fort Apache the Bronx (1981)
   people are native to   
The U.S.A.
The collective term for several culturally related groups of Native Americans in the United States originally from the American Southwest.
Apache Rose Peacock, Road Trippin’, Under the Bridge
   are all   
Songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mangus Colorado
   is famous for being an   
Apache Resistance Fighter
Captured and killed, 1863
Lauran Paine
Apache Trail
   for 'thank you ' is   
   for "My name is":   
_____ Gonszee
Arizona USA
   manufactured the   
Cry Blood, Apache (1970)
Jody McCrea, Marie Gahva and Dan Kemp
Director: Jack Starrett. Also starred Robert Tessier, Jack Starrett & Don Henley. Plot: Gang of sadistic cowboys let nothing stand in their way in their search for gold.
Apache Recluse Spider
   has the Latin name   
Loxosceles Apache
Sicariidae Family
Alexander Singer
Captain Apache (1971)
US Army officer Captain Apache investigates the murder of commissioner.
Giorgio Mariuzzo
A Girl Named Apache (1976)
A US Cavalry officer rescues a Apache woman from gun runner Honest Jeremy and his gang.
Harald Reinl
Apache Gold (1963)
A collaborative production by German, French and Yugoslavian studios, Winnetou and his blood brother, Old Shatterhand, defend the Apache lands from gold hunters.
Captain Apache (1971)
Lee Van Cleef, Carroll Baker and Stuart Whitman
Director: Alexander Singer. Also starred Percy Herbert, Elisa Montés & Tony Vogel. Plot: Lee Van Cleef is the singing American Indian.
   is the original tribal name of the   
Ndee or Dine' A (Di 'ns ) means the people'. Apache is a Zuni word Apachu meaning 'enemy'.
Apache Indian
Boom Shack-a-Lak
Bosque Del Apache
   is located in   
New Mexico
Protects a scenically spectacular area in the Chiluahuan Desert
Capt. Kirby York
   was played by John Wayne in   
Fort Apache (1948)
Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Apache Rose Peacock
The Shadows
   released the single   
1960; instrumental hit; #1 in the U.K. for 5 weeks; did not chart highly in the U.S.
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
   is situated in   
Fort Apache, _____
   is missing   
The Bronx
1981. Paul Newman
Rio Grande, Fort Apache, Grapes of Wrath
   are all   
Films Directed by John Ford
Apache, Kiowa
   was spoken in   
The U.S.A.
18 native speakers in 1990. Ethnic population: 1,000
Apache, Lipan
   was spoken in   
The U.S.A.
2 or 3 native speakers in 1981

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