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Anita Louise

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Anita Louise
   was considered for the role of   
Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind (1939)
Vivien Leigh got the part
The Villian Still Pursued Her (1940)
Billy Gilbert, Anita Louise and Margaret Hamilton
Director: Edward F. Cline. Also starred Alan Mowbray, Richard Cromwell & Joyce Compton. Plot: The widow Wilson (Hamilton) and her daughter Mary (Louise) have just learned that old Mr. Middleton (Cromwell) , who held the mortgage on their home, has passed away.
Harmon of Michigan (1941)
Tom Harmon, Anita Louise and Forest Evashevski
Director: Charles Barton. Also starred Oscar O'Shea, Warren Ashe & Stanley Brown. Plot: Tom Harmon (ol' # 98 for the Michigan Wolverines, husband of actress Elyse Knox and father of Mark Harmon and Kelly Harmon)took a back seat to no one on the football field (except the Minnesota Gophers) or, later, in the broadcast booth, but, on film, he managed to find himself in two of the all-time bad sports movies..."The Spirit of West Point" and "Harmon of Michigan."

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