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Andy Devine

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The All-American (1932)
Richard Arlen, Andy Devine and Gloria Stuart
Director: Russell Mack. Also starred James Gleason, John Darrow & Preston Foster. Plot: The story of the rise and fall of an All-American football player.
Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1939)
Richard Arlen, Andy Devine and Constance Moore
Director: Christy Cabanne. Also starred Noah Beery, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams & Mala. Plot: Story deals with slave-running between Hawaii and California in 1840, featuring a wild mutiny aboard a slave ship on the high seas...
Andy Devine
   was an   
American character actor and comic cowboy sidekick (1905-1978)
La Fiesta De Santa Barbara (1935)
   also starred   
Andy Devine, Warner Baxter and Ralph Forbes
Andy plays a bullfighter in this short! There are also cameo appearances by Buster Keaton, Robert Taylor, Ida Lupino, Harpo Marx, Warner Baxter, Gary Cooper, and several others. This is the first time Judy was filmed in (the then new) 3-strip Technicolor. The short was basically an excuse to show off this new process. Several major stars, including Clark Gable and Randolph Scott, made brief appearances in the film solely to see how they would look in this new colour process. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1936 for Best Short Subject (Color).Judy would not appear in another colour film until The Wizard Of Oz in 1939.

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