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Admiral Nelson & Admiral Brueys
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Aboukir Bay
The British victory destroyed the French fleet, stranding Napoleon's forces in Egypt.
Admiral Nelson & Admiral Villeneuve
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Trafalgar
The French defeat at Trafalgar forced Napoleon to abandon hopes of invading Britain.
Paul and Linda McCartney
   released the single   
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
1971; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
   the winner was   
War Admiral
Charley Kurtsinger - Triple Crown Winner
Admiral Hood
   appeared in   
The Bounty
Admiral Frederick Sherman
   owned a dog called   
Admiral Wags
Both dog and owner were rescued from the USS Lexington, lost at sea, 1942
Admiral Richard Byrd
   owned a dog called   
Flew with Byrd over North and South Poles
Admiral Benbow
   appears in   
Treasure Island
U.S.S. Iowa
Admiral Halsey's Flagship for Formal Japanese Surrender in Sept. 1945
Commissioned Feb. 1943 -- BB-61
John Paul Jones Was a Russian Rear Admiral
John Paul Jones, America's Revolutionary War hero famous for stating 'I have not yet begun to fight', became a Russian Rear Admiral in 1788, after the war, Kontradmiral Pavel Ivanovich Jones.
Rear Admiral
Admiral Vrungel
   is situated in   
Gelendjik, Krasnodar
   Preakness Stakes winner was   
War Admiral
Triple Crown winner -- Charley Kurtsinger on board -- Trainer George Conway -- Glen Riddle Farm -- 1:58.40
Carry on Admiral (1957)
David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins and Brian Reece
Director: Val Guest. Also starred Eunice Gayson, A. E. Matthews & Joan Sims. Plot: Two friends get drunk and decide to switch identities. One is a public relations executive and the other is a captain of a ship...
   winner was   
War Admiral
Triple Crown Winner with Charley Kurtsinger up, Trainer: George Conway, Owner: Glen Riddle Farm -- 2:28.60
   winner was   
War Admiral
Charley Kurtsinger up, Trainer: George Conway, Owner: Samuel D. Riddle
David Robinson
   has the nickname   
The Admiral
Robinson earned the nickname "The Admiral"based on his prior service as an officer in the United States Navy, although his actual rank was Lieutenant, Junior Grade . He along with power-forward Tim Duncan, were nicknamed the "The Twin Towers".
Admiral Sir John Jellicoe & Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Jutland
Known as Battle of the Skagerrak in Germany. The largest naval battle of World War I and the only full-scale clash of battleships in that war. Fought May 31st to June 1st, 1916 off the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark in the North Sea. Considered a victory by each side. Germany sank more British ships than they lost. Germany never again challenged the Allies on the open seas with their surface fleet during the war.
   was won by   
The Admiral
F. Mitchell
Christopher Columbus
   is featured in the biography   
Admiral of the Ocean Sea
Samuel Eliot Morison, 1942
   was a   
Greek Admiral
Played a key role in the development of the powerful Athenian maritime empire; 510-450 BC
   is a   
Due to it's popularity, a large versionof the Beanie Buddy was introduced in 2007.
   was an   
Athenian Admiral
Commander of the Greek allied navy at the battles of Artemisium and Salamis
Hyman Rickover
   was an   
American four-star admiral; directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion
Louis Mountbatten
   was an   
1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979)
   had the general   
Admiral Haus
Naval Commander-in-Chief
   had the general   
Admiral Franz Von Hipper
Cmdr, High Seas Fleet
The U.K.
   had the general   
Admiral John Fisher
First Sea Lord
   was an   
Athenian Admiral
Commander of the Greek allied navy at the battles of Artemisium and Salamis
Admiral Croft
   is in   
Frederick Wentworth’s brother in law. He rents Kellynch Hall from Sir Walter. A bluff and hearty man with whom Anne gets on well.
Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz
Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days
German supreme naval commander and brief President after Hitler's suicide
Rear Admiralty
Proctology Dept
The Admiral’s Cup
   is awarded in   
Yacht Racing
Is an international yachting regatta

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