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Advanced Micro Devices
   has which symbol   
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co
   has which symbol   
Admiral Nelson & Admiral Villeneuve
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Trafalgar
The French defeat at Trafalgar forced Napoleon to abandon hopes of invading Britain.
A Narcissistic Personality
   is characterized by   
A Grandiose Sense of Self-importance, a Belief They Are Special and a Need for Excessive Admiration
Donald Bradman
   was a   
Australian (1908-2001)
Madman Across The Water
Madman Across The Water
To Keep Your Marriage Brimming With Love in the Loving Cup,
   ends with   
Whenever You’re Wrong, Admit It; Whenever You’re Right, Shut Up.
A Word to Husbands by Ogden Nash
Donald Bradman
   is famous for being a   
Australian. "The Don" is widely considered the best batsman of all time.
Soft Admission
An Admission That Only a "Sieve" Would Accept
Eddy Choong
   has excelled in   
Four time Winner - All England Open Badminton Championships 1953-1957
Don Bradman
   has excelled in   
Test batting average of 99.94.
Admiral Hood
   appeared in   
The Bounty
Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz
Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days
German supreme naval commander and brief President after Hitler's suicide
Escape From Broadmoor (1948)
John Stuart, Victoria Hopper and John Le Mesurier
Director: John Gilling. Also starred Frank Hawkins, Anthony Doonan & Gillie Fenwick
To Get Numerous Admissions While on Call
Ponte De Sai Van
   is in   
Macau Special Administrative Region
Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
   is found in   
Darjeeling -- The zoo is at an average elevation of 2133.5 m.
Contempt of Court
   is the legal term for   
A Premeditated Act Intended to Embarrass, Hinder, or Obstruct a Court in Administration of Justice
   is missing from the title of   
Diary of a ___
Ozzy Osbourne (1981)
Baggy Trousers
   has the lyric:   
Naughty Boys in Nasty Schools Headmasters Breaking All the Rules
Hyman Rickover
   was an   
American four-star admiral; directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion
Madman Across The Water
The Admiral’s Cup
   is awarded in   
Yacht Racing
Is an international yachting regatta
Sir Donald Bradman
   is known as a   
Born 1908, died 2001
Samsonite Positive (Positive Samsonite Test)
Someone Who Turns up in Emergency With All Their Luggage (and Insists on Being Admitted to a Ward)
   is an antonym of   
   released the album   
Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994)
Paul and Linda McCartney
   released the single   
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
1971; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
David Robinson
   has the nickname   
The Admiral
Robinson earned the nickname "The Admiral"based on his prior service as an officer in the United States Navy, although his actual rank was Lieutenant, Junior Grade . He along with power-forward Tim Duncan, were nicknamed the "The Twin Towers".
   is a name shared by   
Salman, Damon, Padma Lakshmi
Author, Author, Model
Ponte Governador Nobre De Carvalho
   is in   
Macau Special Administrative Region
Christopher Columbus
   is featured in the biography   
Admiral of the Ocean Sea
Samuel Eliot Morison, 1942
Where Hospital Managers Work, Reckoned to Be "another Planet"
The Organization and Administration of the Union Army, 1861-1865
   was written by   
Fred Albert Shannon
Ozzy Osbourne
   released the album   
Diary Of A Madman (1981)
   had the general   
Admiral Franz Von Hipper
Cmdr, High Seas Fleet
Don Bradman
   is famous for being a   
Test Batting average 99.94. Said to be the greatest statistical average for a sport ever. Played for Australia. First test debut in 1928.
Madman Across The Water
Rule of Evidence
   is the legal term for   
Rules Governing the Admissibility of Evidence at a Trial or Hearing
   is the chemical symbol for   
Boring Administrative Details
   is a combination of   
System and Administrator
Salvador Dalì
"There is Only One Difference Between a Madman and Me. I Am Not Mad"
Surrealist painter
Winston Churchill
"He Has All the Virtues I Dislike and None of the Vices I Admire."
About Sir Stafford Cripps
Roy Claxton Acuff
   was/were the first   
Living Person Admitted to the Country Music Hall of Fame
Was the First to Be Admitted to the Union After the Ratification of the Consitution
Admiral Sir John Jellicoe & Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Jutland
Known as Battle of the Skagerrak in Germany. The largest naval battle of World War I and the only full-scale clash of battleships in that war. Fought May 31st to June 1st, 1916 off the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark in the North Sea. Considered a victory by each side. Germany sank more British ships than they lost. Germany never again challenged the Allies on the open seas with their surface fleet during the war.
Louis Mountbatten
   was an   
1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979)
Admiral Benbow
   appears in   
Treasure Island

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