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New Hampshire
   has the telephone area code   
601 to 603
   the king was   
Liuva II
Visigoth King
603 to 610
   the king was   
Visigoth King
The Nine Years War Ended
   has an area of   
603,700 KmĀ²
0.41% Largest all-European country, fourth largest European country (after Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey).
   was the reign of   
Elizabeth I
Also known as The Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess
Mehmed II
   ruled from   
1595 - 1603
Remains notorious even in Ottoman history for having nineteen of his brothers and half brothers murdered to secure power. He also killed over twenty of his sisters as well. They were all strangled by his deaf-mutes.
Elizabeth I of England Died
Succeeded by her cousin, James VI of Scotland uniting the crowns of England and Scotland
Ahmed I
   ruled from   
1603 - 1617
Nicknamed "The Fortunate". Known for his skills in fencing, poetry, horseback riding and fluency in five languages.
Ieyasu Was Appointed Shogun
Establishes the Tokugawa government in Edo (Tokyo)
   was the reign of   
James I
Also James VI of Scotland, therefore becoming the first monarch to rule over England, Wales & Scotland.

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