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General Nature of Life
District of Columbia
577 to 579
   saw the   
Battle of Deorham
Saxons defeat Britons
350,000 - 577,000
   is the rating of   
Red Savina Habanero
Known as Capsicum chinense Jacquin(Capsicum chinense Jacquin)
Potassium Gluconate
Treaty of Bergerac
Ends the sixth phase of the French Wars of Religion; Huguenots can practice their faith only in the suburbs of one town in each judicial district.
Peter Paul Rubens
   lifespan was   
Flemish painter; did most of his work in France
Edict of 1577
   was signed by   
Queen Elizabeth I
Provides for the removal of Spanish troops from the Netherlands; upholds Pacification of Ghent
Francis Drake Began Round-the-World Voyage
Sets out from Plymouth, England
Sir Francis Drake
Circumnavigated the World in 1577
In 1577 Sir Francis, who was famous for being a seaman, explorer and a pirate, was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to sail around the world. He renamed his ship the Golden Hind.

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