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Education, Research in Christianity
   has the telephone area code   
Bob Lemon
   is famous for   
Cleveland Pitcher 1941-2, 1946-1958, 207 Wins
Seven 20-win seasons
Hal Newhouser
   is famous for   
Lefty, Detroit Tigers, 1939-1954, 207 Wins
MVP, 1944-45
   has the Roman numeral   
207 BC
   saw the   
Battle of Metaurus
Rome and Carthage
Alfred Sisley

Molesey Weir, Hampton Court; 1874; French; Impressionism; Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland; oil on canvas; 51 x 69 cm
Chester A. Arthur

21st Us President, 1881-1885
   has an area of   
207,600 Km²
0.14% Second-largest landlocked country in Europe (after Kazakhstan).
   largest country in the world is   
Cayman Islands
264 km²
William Blake

The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun; 1805-1810; English; Symbolism; National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., U.S.A.; pen and ink with watercolor over graphite; 41 x 34 cm
   has a population of   
41st among all States and Territories
Cardinal Stephen Langton
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1207 - 1228
Died in office
J.E.H. MacDonald

Mist Fantasy, Sand River, Algoma; 1922; Canadian; Art Nouveau (Modern); The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; oil on cardboard; 21 x 27 cm
Simon Vouet

The Fortune Teller; 1620; French; Baroque; The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; oil on canvas; 120 x 170 cm
Simon Vouet

Sleeping Venus; 1630-1640; French; Baroque; Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary; oil on canvas; 100 x 84 cm
Novoberezanskoe, Russia
   has this flag:   

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