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Komagatake, Japan Volcano Eruption
Hokkaido. Erupted after 5000 years' dormancy. The summit part collapsed and the avalanche entered into sea, resulting in the generation of tsunami, killing 700 people. One of the most active volcanoes in Japan.
Treaty of Ripon
Between Charles I of Scotland and the Scots in the aftermath of the Second Bishops' War.
Murad IV
   ruled from   
1623 - 1640
Nicknamed "The Warrior". Banned alcohol, tobacco and coffee in Istanbul. He ordered execution for breaking this ban although he was a habitual drinker.
Ibrahim I
   ruled from   
1640 - 1648
Nicknamed "The Arrage". Strangled in Istanbul at the behest of the Grand Vizier.
Peter Paul Rubens
   lifespan was   
Flemish painter; did most of his work in France

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