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   is birth year of   
May 1567
Mary, Queen of Scots Imprisoned by Elizabeth I
For the Two Very Great Ones Pernicious Loss to Arise, The Greatest Ones Will Cause Loss, Goods, of Honor, and of Life,
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.17
For the two very Great Ones pernicious loss to arise, The Greatest Ones will cause loss, goods, of honor, and of life, As much great noises will run, the urn very odious, Great maladies to be, meeting-house, mass in envy.
Of All Blessings Abundance, the Earth Will Produce for Us, No Din of War in France, Sedition Put Outside:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.19
Of all blessings abundance, the earth will produce for us, No din of war in France, sedition put outside: Man-slayers, robbers one will find on the highway, Little faith, burning fever, people in commotion.
Fathers and Mothers Dead of Infinite Sorrows, Women in Mourning, the Pestilent She-monster:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.5
Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she-monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end, Under peace, repose and every single one in opposition.
Dead Through Spite He Will Cause the Others to Shine, And in an Exalted Place Some Great Evils to Occur:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.14
Dead through spite he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed.
For the Greatest Ones Death, Loss of Honor and Violence, Professors of the Faith, Their Estate and Their Sect:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.15
For the greatest ones death, loss of honor and violence, Professors of the faith, their estate and their sect: For the two great Churches diverse noise, decadence, Evil neighbors quarreling serfs of the Church without a head.
Arms, Plagues to Cease, Death of the Seditious Ones, Great Father Liber Will Not Much Abound:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.24
Arms, plagues to cease, death of the seditious ones, Great Father Liber will not much abound: Evil ones will be seized by more malicious ones, France more than ever victorious will triumph.
Fine Bonds Enfeebled by Accords, Mars and Prelates United Will Not Stop:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.10
Fine bonds enfeebled by accords, Mars and Prelates united will not stop: The great ones confused by gifts of mutilated bodies, Dignified ones, undignified ones will seize the well endowed.
Land to Tremble, Killed, Wasteful, Monster, Captives Without Number, to Do, Undone, Done:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.7
Land to tremble, killed, wasteful, monster, Captives without number, to do, undone, done: To go over the sea misfortune will occur, Proud against the proud evil done in disguise.
Between People Discord, Brutal Enmity, War, Death of Great Princes, Several Parts:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.20
Between people discord, brutal enmity, War, death of great Princes, several parts: Universal plague, stronger in the West, Times good and full, but very dry and exhausted.
From Good to the Evil Times Will Change, The Peace in the South, the Expectation of the Greatest Ones:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.11
From good to the evil times will change, The peace in the South, the expectation of the Greatest Ones: The Great Ones grieving Louis too much more will stumble, Well-known Shaven Ones have neither power not understanding.

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