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   the Pope was   
Marcellus II
1555 - 59
   the Pope was   
Paul IV
Peace of Augsburg
Between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and the forces of the Schmalkaldic League.
Thomas Cranmer
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1533 - 1555
Archdeacon of Taunton; excommunicated by Rome 1533 and deprived for heresy; put to death by burning, 21 March 1556
A Long Comet to Wrong the Governor, Hunger, Burning Fever, Fire and Reek of Blood:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.30
A long comet to wrong the Governor, Hunger, burning fever, fire and reek of blood: To all estates Jovial Ones in great honor, Sedition by the Shaven ones, ignited.
At a Distance, Near the Aquarius, Saturn Turns Back, That Year Great Mars Will Give a Fire Opposition,
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.8
At a distance, near the Aquarius, Saturn turns back, That year great Mars will give a fire opposition, Towards the North to the south the great proud female, Florida in contemplation will hold the port.
Day’s Journey, Diet, Interim, No Council, The Year Peace is Being Prepared, Plague, Schismatic Famine:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.25
Day’s journey, diet, interim, no council, The year peace is being prepared, plague, schismatic famine: Put outside inside, sky to change, domicile, End of holiday, hierarchical revolt.
Deprived Will Be the Shaven Ones of Their Arms, It Will Augment Their Quarrel Much:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.32
Deprived will be the Shaven Ones of their arms, It will augment their quarrel much: Father Liber deceived lightning Albanians, Sects will be gnawed to the marrow.
Diet to Break Up, the Ancient Sacred One to Recover, Under the Two, Fire Through Pardon to Result:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.26
Diet to break up, the ancient sacred one to recover, Under the two, fire through pardon to result: Consecration without arms: the tall Red will want to have, Peace of neglect, the Elected One, the Widower, to live.
Eight, Fifteen, and Five What Disloyalty The Evil Spy Will Come to Be Permitted:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.9
Eight, fifteen, and five what disloyalty The evil spy will come to be permitted: Fire in the sky, lightning, fear, Papal terror, The west trembles, pressing too hard the Salty wine.
For Not Having a Guard You Will Be More Offended, The Weak Fort, Pinquiet Uneasy and Pacific:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.6
For not having a guard you will be more offended, The weak fort, Pinquiet uneasy and pacific: They cry "famine," the people are oppressed, The sea reddens, the Long one proud and iniquitous.
For the Legate of Terrestrial and Dawn, The Great Cape Will Accommodate Himself to All:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.46
For the legate of terrestrial and dawn, The great Cape will accommodate himself to all: Tacit LORRAINE, to be listening, He whose advice they will not want to agree with.
For the Shaven Ones the Chief Will Not Reach the End, Edicts Changed, the Secret Ones Set at Large:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.38
For the Shaven Ones the Chief will not reach the end, Edicts changed, the secret ones set at large: Great One found dead, less of faith, low standing, Dissimulated, shuddering, wounded in the boar’s lair.
From Lion He Will Come to Arouse to Move, Vain Discovery Against Infinite People:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.40
From Lion he will come to arouse to move, Vain discovery against infinite people: Known by none the evil for the duty, In the kitchen found dead and finished.
    had the Popes   
Pope Julius III, Pope Marcellus II, Pope Paul IV
Nostradamus Published "Les Propheties"

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