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Metrology & Standardization
Johnny Bench
   is famous for   
Red's Catcher, 1967-1983; 389 HR's
Key member of the "Big Red Machine" of the 70's
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
   has an area of   
389 Km²
   has the country calling code   
1389 - 1404
   the Pope was   
Boniface IX
   is the cube root of   
Bayezid I
   ruled from   
1389 - 1402
Nicknamed "The Thunderbolt" Captured on the battle field a the Battle of Ankara. Died in captivity in 1403.
Tiznit, Morocco
   has this flag:   

Murad I
   ruled from   
1360 - 1389
Established the Empire by building up a society and government in the newly conquered city of Adrianople.

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