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Decathlon > Decathlon March 2018

Decathlon March 2018

Scoreboard: Overall Scores

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   3059292
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa3052141
3Ruby Franks   3052135
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...3051513
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...3050489
6rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....3050356
7bertie   oopsadaisy3050246
8Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....3049589
9Bob47   3049069
10jackson   3048959
11chooky   cluck3048911
12shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now3047752
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob3047487
14mapmaker   3045869
15tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity3045713
16lindy   3043820
17JMK   Take time to smell the roses.3043455
18 Conspectus   3042650
19DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped3039461
20Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil3038285
21Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting3037377
22sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!2936078
23Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl3036065
24Vedder   2429254
25Tazing   1217783
26jacinthe   129445
27Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser69324
28Java   68146
29Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!33657

Scoreboard: Geography

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36890
2vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...36215
3Ruby Franks   36207
4Bob47   36040
5bertie   oopsadaisy35943
6shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35933
7rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....35861
8saguingoira   vita contemplativa35561
9jackson   35427
10gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35423
11Seve   Smooth as silk ...35407
12mapmaker   35400
13Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting35250
14lindy   35217
15 Conspectus   35163
16tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35109
17sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!35062
18DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34928
19JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34730
20chooky   cluck34584
21Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34500
22Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34429
23Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34349
24Vedder   23409
25Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser12383
26Java   11750
27Tazing   11632
28jacinthe   1223

Scoreboard: Sports & Leisure

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36423
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa35833
3vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35718
4jackson   35672
5Seve   Smooth as silk ...35578
6mapmaker   35495
7Ruby Franks   35325
8chooky   cluck35102
9Bob47   34984
10tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34683
11bertie   oopsadaisy34530
12Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34469
13DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34347
14Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34330
15shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34214
16 Conspectus   34136
17rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34116
18gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33724
19JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33708
20lindy   33650
21Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33473
22Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting33435
23sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33387
24Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11875
25Vedder   21658
26Tazing   11167
27jacinthe   1652

Scoreboard: Arts & Literature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35765
2Seve   Smooth as silk ...34756
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa34611
4Nemesis   34500
5rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34361
6shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34005
7bertie   oopsadaisy33856
8JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33848
9Ruby Franks   33833
10Bob47   33675
11jackson   33614
12Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....33469
13 Conspectus   33171
14vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...33085
15lindy   32788
16chooky   cluck32774
17Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting32723
18Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil32657
19mapmaker   32598
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32363
20DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped32363
22tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity32327
23Vedder   21637
24Tazing   11194
25jacinthe   11071
26Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl3988
27Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser1810

Scoreboard: Misc

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   35867
2Nemesis   35388
3chooky   cluck35287
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...35232
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35149
6bertie   oopsadaisy35134
7Bob47   34952
8 Conspectus   34792
9tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34774
10Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34750
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34747
12gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34705
13mapmaker   34643
14rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34637
15saguingoira   vita contemplativa34559
16lindy   34531
17jackson   34470
18shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34178
19Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33683
20DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33663
21Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting33487
22Vedder   23372
23Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33305
24sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!22697
25Tazing   11830
26jacinthe   1647

Scoreboard: Entertainment

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36750
2chooky   cluck36690
3Nemesis   36567
4rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....36468
5JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35969
6shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35274
7Bob47   35219
8Ruby Franks   35108
9saguingoira   vita contemplativa34954
10bertie   oopsadaisy34946
11tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34885
12vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34874
13mapmaker   34868
14lindy   34856
15jackson   34824
16Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34697
17Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34544
18Seve   Smooth as silk ...34375
19gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34260
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34109
21 Conspectus   34045
22Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting33736
23DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33416
24Vedder   22117
25Tazing   11504
26jacinthe   10

Scoreboard: Science & Nature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   35639
2chooky   cluck35271
3bertie   oopsadaisy35136
4Bob47   35103
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa34916
6tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34896
7rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34753
8Seve   Smooth as silk ...34701
9Ruby Franks   34563
10jackson   34555
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34393
12vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34289
13Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting34206
14lindy   34112
15sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34070
16 Conspectus   34037
17shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34020
18Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33925
19gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33904
20DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33897
21mapmaker   33710
22Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33708
23Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....33000
24Vedder   32939
25jacinthe   22033
26Tazing   21750
27Java   1963

Scoreboard: Language

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   37126
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa37096
3Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36750
4rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....36645
5Ruby Franks   36567
6JMK   Take time to smell the roses.36562
7tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity36510
8gripweed9   goo goo goo joob36462
9Bob47   36345
10bertie   oopsadaisy36276
11vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...36225
12 Conspectus   36174
13mapmaker   36152
14Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting36097
15jackson   36002
16Seve   Smooth as silk ...35868
17shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35833
18sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!35788
19chooky   cluck35773
20lindy   35517
21DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped35262
22Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl35047
23Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil35006
24Vedder   34820
25Tazing   24390
26jacinthe   22188
27Java   11968

Scoreboard: History & Mythology

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36147
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa35386
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...35152
4Ruby Franks   35080
5bertie   oopsadaisy34827
6gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34806
7vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34747
8Bob47   34729
9chooky   cluck34444
10tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34336
11shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34227
12lindy   34218
13jackson   34042
14Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....33968
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33795
16mapmaker   33713
17 Conspectus   33688
18rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....33578
19Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33514
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33121
21JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33072
22Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting32674
23Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32635
24Vedder   32551
25Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11533
26Tazing   11402
27Java   11000
28jacinthe   1605

Scoreboard: Music

Rank NamePlayedScore
1jackson   34798
2Nemesis   34516
3Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34500
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...34362
5bertie   oopsadaisy34358
6vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34265
7Vedder   34178
8shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33934
9saguingoira   vita contemplativa33930
10gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33824
11rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....33805
12Ruby Franks   33400
13lindy   33340
14tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33294
15Bob47   33160
16 Conspectus   33152
17chooky   cluck33113
18JMK   Take time to smell the roses.32906
19DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped32861
20Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32838
21Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting32795
22mapmaker   32773
23Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil32554
24sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32221
25Tazing   1965
26Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser1849
27Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1800
28jacinthe   1609
29Java   1500

Scoreboard: Movies

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....37433
2mapmaker   36517
3Ruby Franks   36185
4shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now36134
5rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....36132
6Nemesis   36096
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...36082
8vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35922
9chooky   cluck35873
10lindy   35591
11jackson   35555
12saguingoira   vita contemplativa35295
13bertie   oopsadaisy35240
14DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34929
15tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34899
16Bob47   34862
17Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34644
18gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34614
19 Conspectus   34292
20Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34024
21JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33520
22sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33260
23Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting32974
24Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22857
25Vedder   22573
26Java   11965
27Tazing   11949
28Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11874
29jacinthe   11417

Sun 25 Mar 18 #2 

Bertie was the only player with a PB this month scoring over 50k for the first time.  Quiz recorded the third highest ever score in Movies (and the fifth best in all categories), unluckily missing out on a maximum by what must have been a tiny fraction of a second.  There was an even closer gap between Saggy and Ruby in second and third places.

Congratulations to all the players, and thanks to JMK for organising all the tournaments.

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Mon 26 Mar 18 #3 
Ruby Franks

Thank you, Captain and congratulations to you, saguingoira, Quiz and Bertie.

Many thanks as always to JMK.

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Mon 26 Mar 18 #4 

Congratulations to Nemesis and well done to Saguingoira and Ruby, that was a close battle.
Well done bertie on the pb.

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Mon 26 Mar 18 #5 

Thanks Nemesis for that, it was indeed a quick lapse in concentration, but noody's perfect!

Well done to everyone else who took part, it's been brilliant as always!

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