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Decathlon > Decathlon May 2017

Decathlon May 2017

Scoreboard: Overall Scores

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   3058819
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa3052836
3Ruby Franks   3052402
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...3050819
5gripweed9   goo goo goo joob3050504
6vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...3049923
7jackson  (online)   3049124
8shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now3048335
9Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....3046955
10chooky  (online)   cluck3045760
11lindy   3044701
12JMK   Take time to smell the roses.3042770
13tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity3042444
14Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil3041308
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped3037636
16sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!3037316
17mapmaker   2434242
18Tazing   2434187
19Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl3031078
20bertie   oopsadaisy1624341
21Vedder   1211944
22Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!56779
23RUI   43781

Scoreboard: Geography

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   35751
2Nemesis   35599
3vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35586
4saguingoira   vita contemplativa35570
5jackson  (online)   35181
6gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35056
7shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34806
8Tazing   34775
9Seve   Smooth as silk ...34315
10Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33959
11sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33865
12chooky  (online)   cluck33424
13lindy   33418
14tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33373
15JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33338
16mapmaker   22796
17Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....32717
18DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped32605
19Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32217
20bertie   oopsadaisy11101
21RUI   1750
22Vedder   1608

Scoreboard: Sports & Leisure

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36304
2vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35700
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa35562
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...35426
5Ruby Franks   35424
6jackson  (online)   35029
7gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34739
8shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34725
9tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34692
10JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34503
11lindy   34490
12Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34421
13Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34162
14DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33924
15chooky  (online)   cluck33838
16Tazing   33331
17sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33183
18mapmaker   23152
19Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33076
20bertie   oopsadaisy11535
21Vedder   11382

Scoreboard: Arts & Literature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   35254
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa35160
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...34808
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34698
5Nemesis   34449
6chooky  (online)   cluck34341
7sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34021
8vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...33955
9Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....33952
10JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33833
11shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33683
12Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33482
13lindy   33445
14DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33340
15Tazing   33227
16jackson  (online)   32911
17mapmaker   22335
18tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity32316
19Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl31903
20bertie   oopsadaisy11301
21Vedder   1671

Scoreboard: Misc

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36384
2jackson  (online)   36325
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...35883
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35752
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa35718
6Ruby Franks   35685
7chooky  (online)   cluck35557
8JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35503
9tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35343
10vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35250
11shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35190
12Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....35000
13Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34611
14sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34376
15Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34231
16lindy   34170
17DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33563
18bertie   oopsadaisy23314
19mapmaker   23175
20Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!23015
21Tazing   22541
22Vedder   11450

Scoreboard: Entertainment

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   35883
2Seve   Smooth as silk ...35116
3shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35110
4lindy   35084
5jackson  (online)   34927
6chooky  (online)   cluck34824
7Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34500
8vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34427
9DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34362
10saguingoira   vita contemplativa34342
11tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34070
12sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33872
13JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33863
14Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33852
15gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33553
16Ruby Franks   33526
17Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33297
18Tazing   22563
19mapmaker   22477
20bertie   oopsadaisy11540
21Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!11040
22Vedder   1878

Scoreboard: Science & Nature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36242
2gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35788
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa35662
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...35336
5jackson  (online)   35280
6chooky  (online)   cluck35132
7lindy   35076
8JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35054
9shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34866
10vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34796
10Ruby Franks   34796
12tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34491
13sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34203
14mapmaker   34182
15Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34000
16bertie   oopsadaisy23839
17Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33823
18DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33673
19Tazing   23313
20Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32677
21Vedder   22343

Scoreboard: Language

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   37020
2Nemesis   36835
3Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36465
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob36456
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa36363
6JMK   Take time to smell the roses.36218
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...36039
8tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35979
9vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35968
10jackson  (online)   35851
11lindy   35846
12chooky  (online)   cluck35533
13shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35419
14mapmaker   35374
15Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34919
16Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34566
17sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34362
18bertie   oopsadaisy24062
19DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33616
20Tazing   23551
21Vedder   21768

Scoreboard: History & Mythology

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36734
2Ruby Franks   35771
3gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35114
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...35075
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa35066
6vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34613
7jackson  (online)   34558
8Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34500
9DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34286
10shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34186
11mapmaker   34015
12Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33945
13tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33941
14JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33687
15chooky  (online)   cluck33547
16lindy   33382
17sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32885
18Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32769
19Tazing   22740
20bertie   oopsadaisy22610
21RUI   1923
22Vedder   1859

Scoreboard: Music

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34750
2Nemesis   34504
3jackson  (online)   33960
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33951
5chooky  (online)   cluck33857
6lindy   33804
7vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...33788
8Ruby Franks   33713
9saguingoira   vita contemplativa33638
10Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33603
11shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33472
12mapmaker   33379
13tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33332
14Seve   Smooth as silk ...33143
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped32658
16Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32417
17Tazing   22339
18bertie   oopsadaisy22271
19JMK   Take time to smell the roses.32190
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!31860
21Vedder   1594
22RUI   1250

Scoreboard: Movies

Rank NamePlayedScore
1shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now36878
2Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36650
3lindy   35986
4Nemesis   35885
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35840
6Tazing   35807
7saguingoira   vita contemplativa35755
8chooky  (online)   cluck35707
9Seve   Smooth as silk ...35678
10DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped35609
11Ruby Franks   35462
12gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35397
13jackson  (online)   35102
14Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34952
15tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34907
16sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34689
17JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34581
18Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33925
19mapmaker   23357
20bertie   oopsadaisy22768
21Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22724
22RUI   11858
23Vedder   11391

Mon 15 May 17 #2 

Good luck everyone.

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Sun 21 May 17 #3 

No PB scores once again, but DogmanMax achieved his highest placing this month.  Well played!

Ruby also deserves a mention for her first score over 7000 (in Language).  However, she needs to score 7218 to make it into the top ten for this category.  The hardest category appears to be Arts and Lit, followed closely by Music.  The tenth best score in A&L is 6219 (the lowest of all the categories) and no one has scored higher than this since 2011.  It must have been a lot easier back then!


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Sun 21 May 17 #4 
Ruby Franks

Thank you very much, Captain, for the statistics, and congratulations to you and saguingoira.


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Sun 21 May 17 #5 

Congratulations to Nemesis and well done to Saguingoira and Ruby. 

A & L was easier back then, the site algorithm, which has since been changed, made guessing an answer alot easier. The new(ish) algorithm more accurately shows if you actually know the facts.

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Tue 23 May 17 #6 

Congrats to all

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