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Decathlon > Decathlon April 2017

Decathlon April 2017

Scoreboard: Overall Scores

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   3058774
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa3054268
3Ruby Franks   3051814
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...3051703
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...3049882
6jackson   3048975
7Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....3047541
8gripweed9   goo goo goo joob3047010
9mapmaker   3046089
10shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now3045217
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.3043639
12bertie   oopsadaisy3042532
13tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity3041281
14lindy   3040644
15Tazing   2939917
16DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped3039136
17chooky   2538380
18Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil3038272
19Vedder   3033069
20RUI   3032349
21Helen McKenzie   3030405
22sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!2427353
23Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1821285
24Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser1220640
25Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting1214815
26Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain813342
27jacinthe   1107

Scoreboard: Geography

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   35754
2vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35196
3Ruby Franks   35036
4saguingoira   vita contemplativa34557
5gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34446
6chooky   34383
7DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34177
8jackson   34057
9mapmaker   34018
10Seve   Smooth as silk ...34002
11tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33871
12JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33718
13Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....33686
14shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33454
15bertie   oopsadaisy33439
16lindy   33312
17Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33092
18RUI   33000
19Tazing   32948
20Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22460
21sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!22320
22Helen McKenzie   32155
23Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11640
24Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11462
25Vedder   31398
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting11184

Scoreboard: Sports & Leisure

Rank NamePlayedScore
1saguingoira   vita contemplativa36073
2Nemesis   35896
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...35770
4mapmaker   35426
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35351
6jackson   34974
7JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34779
8bertie   oopsadaisy34665
9shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34644
10Ruby Franks   34508
11Tazing   34504
12lindy   34466
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34073
14Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....34000
15RUI   33860
16Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33839
17chooky   33786
18tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33598
19DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33278
20Vedder   33134
21Helen McKenzie   32781
22sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!22111
23Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting11430
24Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11425
25Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11128
26Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1918

Scoreboard: Arts & Literature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1saguingoira   vita contemplativa35821
2Nemesis   35387
3bertie   oopsadaisy34966
4JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34597
5Ruby Franks   34469
6Seve   Smooth as silk ...34251
7Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....34218
8gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34120
9mapmaker   33605
10lindy   33558
11chooky   33521
12vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...33490
13DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33323
14tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33315
15shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33219
16Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil32994
17Tazing   32964
18jackson   32722
19Vedder   32261
20RUI   32184
21Helen McKenzie   32018
22sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!21698
23Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11578
24Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11363
25Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1750
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting1708

Scoreboard: Misc

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   35983
2lindy   35785
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...35619
4Ruby Franks   35500
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa35444
6Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....35214
7Tazing   35101
8jackson   35079
9chooky   35036
10gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34962
11bertie   oopsadaisy34897
12JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34877
13vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34775
14tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34566
15mapmaker   34539
16shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34247
17DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34231
18Vedder   33941
19Helen McKenzie   33938
20Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33679
21RUI   33425
22Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22759
23Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting22632
24sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!22614
25Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11250

Scoreboard: Entertainment

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36770
2Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....36152
3jackson   36075
4shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35519
5Seve   Smooth as silk ...35425
6chooky   35351
7saguingoira   vita contemplativa34952
8vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34793
9Vedder   34785
10Helen McKenzie   34711
11lindy   34498
12Ruby Franks   34367
13mapmaker   34321
14gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34270
15tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34245
16Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34191
17JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34134
18Tazing   23874
19bertie   oopsadaisy33789
20Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting23569
21RUI   33420
22DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33404
23sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!22132
24Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22115
25Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11785

Scoreboard: Science & Nature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   36137
2Nemesis   36068
3jackson   35525
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35511
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa35443
6Seve   Smooth as silk ...35110
7JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35003
8Tazing   34745
9bertie   oopsadaisy34588
10DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34478
11vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34391
12RUI   34119
13Vedder   33952
14shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33946
15sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33905
16lindy   33829
17tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33808
18mapmaker   33713
19Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser23531
20Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33421
21chooky   23080
22Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....32897
23Helen McKenzie   32672
24Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22458
25Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11608
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting1696

Scoreboard: Language

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   36927
2Nemesis   36676
3Tazing   36641
4vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...36439
5Seve   Smooth as silk ...36212
6bertie   oopsadaisy36191
7saguingoira   vita contemplativa36111
8Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....36092
9jackson   36034
10shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35983
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35959
12mapmaker   35951
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35592
14tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35576
15lindy   35455
16Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil35245
17sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!35025
18Vedder   34635
19RUI   34458
20Helen McKenzie   34420
21DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34080
22chooky   23967
23Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser23937
24Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!23020
25Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain12204
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting11691

Scoreboard: History & Mythology

Rank NamePlayedScore
1saguingoira   vita contemplativa36188
2Nemesis   35745
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...35494
4jackson   35139
5vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35046
6gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34524
7Ruby Franks   34498
8shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34433
9mapmaker   34361
10tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34135
11DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34124
12Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33888
13RUI   33559
14sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33397
15bertie   oopsadaisy33183
16Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....33119
17Tazing   33083
18chooky   23047
19JMK   Take time to smell the roses.32776
20lindy   32391
21Vedder   32382
22Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11607
23Helen McKenzie   31489
24Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser11346
25Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting1877
26Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1865

Scoreboard: Music

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....35712
2vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...35527
3mapmaker   35325
4jackson   35306
5gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35127
6saguingoira   vita contemplativa34893
7Nemesis   34890
8Seve   Smooth as silk ...34461
9Ruby Franks   34228
10shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34015
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33827
12tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33700
13Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33678
14lindy   33483
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33297
16Vedder   33094
17bertie   oopsadaisy32944
18Helen McKenzie   32804
19sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32668
20Tazing   32589
21chooky   22376
22Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser12188
23Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22184
24Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11958
25RUI   31824
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting1914
27jacinthe   1107

Scoreboard: Movies

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000  (online)   Ground Control To Major Tom....36451
2Ruby Franks   36144
3shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35757
4Nemesis   35605
5Seve   Smooth as silk ...35359
6vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34874
7mapmaker   34830
8saguingoira   vita contemplativa34786
9DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34744
10tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34467
11gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34385
12Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34245
13jackson   34064
14JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33969
15bertie   oopsadaisy33870
16lindy   33867
17chooky   23833
18Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!33756
19Vedder   33487
20Tazing   33468
21Helen McKenzie   33417
22RUI   32500
23Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser12257
24Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain11715
25sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!21483
26Knitwitty   Always come back fighting... or knitting11114

Sun 23 Apr 17 #2 

Congratulations to Nemesis and well done to Saguingoira and Ruby Franks and all those with PBs.

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Sun 23 Apr 17 #3 

A strangely quiet month this time.  No PBs, no best placements, and no one breaking into the top ten scores for any category.  Could mean that next month is the one to enter?  The only real landmark is tallyho playing her hundredth Decathlon and becoming the fifth member of this exclusive club.  Well played!

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Sun 23 Apr 17 #4 

Congratulations to all athletes. Bright and Doc gave it up too early. See you all in Mai!

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Mon 24 Apr 17 #5 
Ruby Franks

Thank you JMK and Nemesis, and congratulations to Nemesis and sanguingoira.

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