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Decathlon > Decathlon December 2016

Decathlon December 2016

Scoreboard: Overall Scores

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   3057948
2saguingoira   vita contemplativa3052808
3Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser3052032
4Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....3051705
5Seve   Smooth as silk ...3051417
6Bob47   3050673
7jackson   3049389
8chooky   cluck3049275
9shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now3049181
10Ruby Franks   3048959
11gripweed9   goo goo goo joob3047861
12mapmaker  (online)   3047826
13rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....3046160
14amalia   3044782
15tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity3044409
16Tazing   3043095
17lindy   3042979
18JMK   Take time to smell the roses.3042857
19TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!3041932
20DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped3041518
21sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!3040623
22Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil3040500
23bertie   oopsadaisy2437360
24Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl3035542
25Vedder   2430990
26RUI   2929699
27vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...2028500
28Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!710693
29moonthesun   "we're not alone"....54509
30jacinthe   1757

Scoreboard: Geography

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Ruby Franks   36434
2rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....36433
3amalia   36409
4Nemesis   36203
5shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now36127
6jackson   35987
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...35965
8Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil35951
9mapmaker  (online)   35726
10gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35718
11Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser35625
12tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35574
13saguingoira   vita contemplativa35563
14Bob47   35237
15JMK   Take time to smell the roses.35107
16DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34858
17Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34750
18Tazing   34674
19RUI   34662
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34651
21TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!34601
22chooky   cluck34431
23lindy   34325
24Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34209
25bertie   oopsadaisy23322
26Vedder   22667
27vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...12000

Scoreboard: Sports & Leisure

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   35876
2Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser35539
3mapmaker  (online)   35490
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...35470
5Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....35217
6shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35052
7amalia   35013
8lindy   34471
9saguingoira   vita contemplativa34425
10Ruby Franks   34424
11Bob47   34310
12jackson   34241
13sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34215
14JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34189
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34044
16tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33935
17Tazing   33822
18RUI   33683
19Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33587
20rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....33464
21Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33283
22bertie   oopsadaisy23177
23gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33158
24TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!32891
25chooky   cluck32843
26Vedder   22802
27vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...12083

Scoreboard: Arts & Literature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1saguingoira   vita contemplativa34595
2Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34500
3Nemesis   34136
4chooky   cluck34130
5TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!34041
6Ruby Franks   34003
7shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33732
8Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser33575
9Seve   Smooth as silk ...33524
10Bob47   33513
11Tazing   33462
12jackson   33311
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33102
14rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....33000
15JMK   Take time to smell the roses.32821
16tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity32816
17lindy   32751
18Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil32694
19mapmaker  (online)   32631
20sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32577
21DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped32565
22bertie   oopsadaisy22511
23RUI   32142
24amalia   32051
25Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl31780
26Vedder   21344
27vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...1829

Scoreboard: Misc

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36416
2chooky   cluck36032
3Bob47   35988
4saguingoira   vita contemplativa35977
5Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser35538
6jackson   35470
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...35325
8TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!35314
9Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....35250
10sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!35177
11Tazing   35054
12shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34913
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34831
14mapmaker  (online)   34715
15amalia   34599
16lindy   34500
17rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34450
18DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped34428
19Ruby Franks   34396
20tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34077
21JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33656
22Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33533
23Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33485
24RUI   33428
25bertie   oopsadaisy23165
26vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...22839
27Vedder   22348
28Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!11590

Scoreboard: Entertainment

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36420
2Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser35514
3shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35411
4Bob47   35321
5rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....35319
6Seve   Smooth as silk ...35248
7Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....35219
8mapmaker  (online)   35088
9jackson   35044
10chooky   cluck34930
11tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34612
12JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34611
13saguingoira   vita contemplativa34605
14TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!34591
15Ruby Franks   34587
16lindy   34282
17Tazing   34162
18gripweed9   goo goo goo joob33904
19Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33880
20amalia   33812
21sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33643
22bertie   oopsadaisy23621
23DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33617
24Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33462
25Vedder   22957
26vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...21879
27RUI   21182

Scoreboard: Science & Nature

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Nemesis   36137
2Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser36049
3Bob47   35798
4gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35780
5saguingoira   vita contemplativa35652
6Ruby Franks   35547
7jackson   35353
8bertie   oopsadaisy35264
9lindy   35263
10tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity35209
11Seve   Smooth as silk ...35046
12rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....34897
13JMK   Take time to smell the roses.34886
14Tazing   34821
15shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now34729
16sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34525
17Vedder   34520
18chooky   cluck34380
19mapmaker  (online)   34333
20amalia   34169
21vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...34158
22DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33989
23Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl33944
24Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33864
25Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....33435
26TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!33392
27RUI   32920
28Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!22635
29moonthesun   "we're not alone"....1819

Scoreboard: Language

Rank NamePlayedScore
1rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....37065
2Nemesis   37000
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa36967
4tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity36912
5chooky   cluck36890
6JMK   Take time to smell the roses.36628
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...36599
8gripweed9   goo goo goo joob36553
9Bob47   36498
10jackson   36463
11Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36433
12Ruby Franks   36421
13Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser36165
14vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...36158
15bertie   oopsadaisy36118
16Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl35818
17Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil35809
18lindy   35769
19Tazing   35663
20amalia   35658
21shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35628
22mapmaker  (online)   35622
23sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!35515
24DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped35469
25Vedder   35424
26TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!35301
27RUI   34978
28Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!11851
29moonthesun   "we're not alone"....11178

Scoreboard: History & Mythology

Rank NamePlayedScore
1chooky   cluck35503
2Nemesis   35297
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa35163
4Seve   Smooth as silk ...34816
5Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser34791
6Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....34717
7Bob47   34669
8gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34571
9jackson   34529
10amalia   34171
11mapmaker  (online)   34122
12Ruby Franks   33929
13vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...33820
14shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33796
15TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!33770
16bertie   oopsadaisy33747
17DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33719
18Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33661
19Tazing   33495
20JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33469
21sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!33326
22tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33068
23lindy   32889
24Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32806
25rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....32716
26Vedder   32393
27RUI   31823
28Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!11204
29moonthesun   "we're not alone"....1599

Scoreboard: Music

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....35465
2gripweed9   goo goo goo joob34976
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa34749
4Vedder   34599
5Nemesis   34404
6mapmaker  (online)   34232
7Seve   Smooth as silk ...34135
8chooky   cluck33997
9shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now33968
10Bob47   33958
11JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33828
12amalia   33818
13Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil33735
14rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....33686
15bertie   oopsadaisy33630
15DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped33630
17jackson   33562
18Ruby Franks   33471
19Tazing   33457
20lindy   33384
21tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity33267
22Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser32946
23TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!32749
24sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!32421
25Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl32323
26vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...22179
27RUI   32000
28moonthesun   "we're not alone"....11015

Scoreboard: Movies

Rank NamePlayedScore
1Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....36719
2Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser36290
3chooky   cluck36139
4Nemesis   36059
5mapmaker  (online)   35867
6shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now35825
7Ruby Franks   35747
8jackson   35429
9Bob47   35381
10lindy   35345
11Seve   Smooth as silk ...35289
12TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!35282
13gripweed9   goo goo goo joob35268
14DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped35199
15rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....35130
16saguingoira   vita contemplativa35112
17amalia   35082
18tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity34939
19sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!34573
20Tazing   34485
21Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl34128
22Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil34090
23JMK   Take time to smell the roses.33662
24Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!23413
25RUI   32881
26bertie   oopsadaisy22805
27vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...22555
28Vedder   21936
29moonthesun   "we're not alone"....1898
30jacinthe   1757

Sun 18 Dec 16 #2 

Just three PBs this month: mapmaker, Tabbs and Helen.

Congratulation to macca for 7065 in Language; it's not often that a score of 7000 fails to win a category!

It's good to see RUI back again after a long absence - where have you been?  We've missed you.

Congratulations also to sag and Bright for their podium placings.

I'll compile the annual stats shortly so you can track your progress.  Wonderful things spreadsheets!



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Tue 20 Dec 16 #3 

Congratulations Nemesis and well don Saguingoira and BBI. Well done all those with PBs and to Macca for her 7065 in Language. 

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