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Random Facts with Descriptions

Here are some random facts that already have descriptions... improve on any if you can...!

The Miracle
I Want It All
1989, UK no.3 and USA no.50
Sam Houston State University
   is situated in   
Texas, United States
   is the alter ego of   
A supporting character from the 1983-85 cartoon-series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Buluc Chabtan
   is the Mayan   
God of War
He is associated with human sacrifice and often depicted with a black line encircling the eye with a line coming from it down the cheek.
Riachao Ring
   is found in   
4.5 km diameter, noticed by Apollo astronauts
Finger Bones
   is the   
Three for each finger, and two for the thumb.
Red Ginger
   belongs to the genus   
Alpinia purpurata, also called ostrich plume and pink cone ginger
Man In _____
   has the missing colour   
Johnny Cash
Medieval Books on Animals
About actual or mythical animals.

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