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Random Facts with Descriptions

Here are some random facts that already have descriptions... improve on any if you can...!

The Return of the Soldier
The First World War, 1914-1918
By Rebecca West, 1918
Hooker Telescope
   is the type known as   
An Astronomical Interferometer
Built 1919. Determined the precise size and distance of Betelgeuse.
Brian's Symphony No. 6
   has the nickname   
Sinfonia Tragica
Composed by Havergal Brian
Sylvia Plath
Morning Song
"Love set you going like a fat gold watch.
Leticia Musgrove in the Film Monsters Ball (2001)
   is played by   
Halle Berry
Starred with Billy Bob Thornton. Won an Oscar for this leading role.
Murad III
   ruled from   
1574 - 1595
Murad begin his reign by having his five younger brothers strangled.
   is Thomas Hardy's name for   
Where Sue Bridehead studied to become a teacher (Jude the Obscure)
   is the chemical formula of   
Dipropyl methane; Gettysolve-C; heptyl hydride; Skellysolve C
Big Bang
   is described as   
The Theoretical Origin of the Universe
Some 13.5 billion years ago when all matter was thrust outward from a single point

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