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Random Facts with Descriptions

Here are some random facts that already have descriptions... improve on any if you can...!

Drew Carey
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
   was formerly known as   
Portuguese Guinea
Portuguese Guinea (also Guinea or the Overseas Province of Guinea) was the name for what is today Guinea-Bissau from 1446 to September 10, 1974.
   winner was   
Zinedine Zidane
An Affair to Remember (1957)
   Cary Grant appeared as   
Nickie Ferrante
This film also stars Deborah Kerr. An Affair to Remember was a remake of the 1939 film Love Affair.
The ___ Part
   contains the word   
Victor Trumper
   is known as a   
Born 1877, died 1915
   was won by   
Stephen Curry
Guard, Golden State Warriors
   team is known as   
Maple Leafs
Named for their emblem and national symbol
Running Antelope
   is famous for being a   
Hunkpapa Chief and Advisor to Sitting Bull
Image featured on the 1899 U.S. $5 silver certificate
Water Rats
   the "cop" was   
Detective Sergeant Jack Christey
(1999-2001) played by Steve Bisley (Australian Drama)

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