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Final Results for 10 Questions on Random Factor

10 Questions on Random Factor

Bright But Idle, jackson and Nemesis
Bright But Idle won! - View Scores

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Fri 10 Aug 12 #2 
Bright But Idle
Fact Daddy

Really sorry guys, I think I messed up today and missed a couple of brainoffs in the Kevvie.


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Fri 10 Aug 12 #3 

I shouldn't worry - even if you had scored a max we would still have lost due to a much larger miscreant.

I think we've done very well to record 7 victories (so far) with a three man team.

If you can score 4386 in the last two matches then you will finish with an average of exactly 2000. Not at all shoddy.

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Fri 10 Aug 12 #4 
The Grumpinator

Sorry for butting in guys. Has Soupy not been playing ?? The new system doesn't allow me to see all the games (or at least those I remember to check on). If not I'm really sorry, she's not the brightest spark but said she was willing to help out. I have a suspicion you embarassed her with your mammoth scores !!

Sorry lads, hope Tob gets back for the next one.

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Fri 10 Aug 12 #5 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser2250
2Nemesis   2125
3jackson   1875

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Fri 10 Aug 12 #6 

yeah i think she felt bad & was frightened off. we'd uv won a few had she just showed, but it's just a game. was gonna try to remind her of that , but haven't seen here around.

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