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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

TeaBag, cazza and Bright But Idle
Bright But Idle won! - View Scores

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Fri 29 Feb 08 #2 
Bright But Idle
Fact Daddy

Good morning ladies.

If you team up for the Kevvie would you bear me in mind?

Don't mind if you've got other plans, and I know I've teamed up with Tea a few times so doesn't fit the "new blood" or "mix it up" mentalities.

I promise I won't sulk.

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Fri 29 Feb 08 #3 

By the time I got this message, you were already in a team, and us too ...

bright but idle

manxie1, MrForestfan

Although I have commented that perhaps we split manxie1 and MrForestfan (mother & son) and replace with foucault, who doesn't want to play in a team with Allan et al.

Good luck BBI, we'll meet again, don't know how, don't know when ....

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Sat 1 Mar 08 #4 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Bright But Idle   Revision is for girls1967
2cazza   1250
3TeaBag   1216

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