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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

Susana Sànchez, kevg, Allan R. Matthes, Cello and tazmox
Allan R. Matthes won! - View Scores

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Thu 22 Nov 07 #2 

Hmmm. ib dumb!

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Thu 22 Nov 07 #3 
Allan R. Matthes

Nice to see you taz,
I tried to email you the other day and it said your email expired. If you care to give me a current addy send me a private message with it in it.

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Thu 22 Nov 07 #4 
Susana Sànchez

The private messages are becoming very popular jajajajajaj

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Sat 24 Nov 07 #5 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Allan R. Matthes   The Poets Of Trivia1750 - WINNER!
2Susana Sànchez   Love is poetry of the senses1659
3tazmox   Rarely unexpected surprises1250
4Cello   1250

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Sat 24 Nov 07 #6 
The Grumpinator

now why would he change his email i wonder ???

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