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Final Results for Brainoff on Caribbean Capitals

Brainoff on Caribbean Capitals

Fischdawg II won! - View Scores

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Wed 11 Sep 19 #2 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1 Fischdawg II   2372
2Ruby Franks   2363
3Seve   Smooth as silk ...2305
4mjolnir   2250
5Nemesis   2183
6vepa1943   Gone, but left a path to follow...2151
7 stubby   2066
8jackson   1867
9zara   Exercise more...1846
10 Carolyn Brown   1823
11Quiz3000   Ground Control To Major Tom....1750
12 F. M. Martinez   1625
13Dork Vader   1619
14gripweed9   goo goo goo joob1468
15alleycatzrwe   1380
16DogmanMax   Plastic Got Me Trapped1175
17Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl1156

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