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Final Results for 10 Questions on Random Factor

10 Questions on Random Factor

philgreek, lindy, bertie, BBandicoot and Bryn middleton
Bryn middleton won! - View Scores

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Tue 12 Feb #2 

Hole 9
Bryn    -1
Bertie    -1
Phil    -1
Lindy    +0

Knows 47009 facts
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Tue 12 Feb #3 
Bryn middleton

I'll take that.  Sign off the scorecard and off to the clubhouse! 

Knows 21628 facts
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Tue 12 Feb #4 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Bryn middleton   Guaranteed non-euclidean since 19281884
2bertie   oopsadaisy1701
3philgreek   beware of greeks bearing gifts1534
4lindy   1413
5BBandicoot   加油0

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