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Final Results for Brainoff on Old Occupations

Brainoff on Old Occupations

Seve won! - View Scores

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Wed 7 Mar #2 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Seve   Smooth as silk ...2171
2Quiz3000   One of the Heroes!2000
3Ruby Franks   1929
4 Fischdawg   1915
5Nemesis   1845
6jackson   1825
7bertie   oopsadaisy1670
8shortbreadforme27   Shorty's Morph1466
9 thegreens   1459
10 jmbo380   1457
11lindy   1389
12chooky   cluck1374
13rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....1214
14mjolnir   1136
15zara   Exercise more...1049

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