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Final Results for Brainoff on Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

Brainoff on Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

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Tue 18 Apr 17 #2 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Quiz3000   One of the Heroes!2500
1mjolnir   2500
3shortbreadforme27   Shorty's Morph2420
4 Fischdawg   2324
5mapmaker   2311
6jmaxg   Bite My Shiney Metal Ass!2304
7Norseman81   SEDAGIVE?!?2250
8 Ruby Franks   2136
9 cindy tucker   2095
10Nemesis   2056
11gripweed9   goo goo goo joob1990
12vepa1943   It's the end of the world as we know it1955
13 thegreens   1922
14 Conspectus   1916
15chooky   cluck1859
16jackson   1562
17Bloodjelly   Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens....1479
18Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!1410
19bertie   oopsadaisy1345
20 Carolyn Brown   1234
21 stubby   1057
22zara   Exercise more...808

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